Tuition Fee

Tuition fees in the Accounting Education Study Program are divided into 2 categories according to the selection path for new student admissions. In the first category, the tuition fee for students of the Accounting Education Study Program from SNMPTN, SBMPTN and PI is through a single tuition fee (UKT) based on class.

The following is a breakdown of single tuition fees (UKT) based on groups, namely Group I = 500,000, Group II = 1,000,000, Group III = 3,525,000, Group IV = 4,230,000, Group V = 4,700,000, Group VI = 5,170,000, Group VII = 5,405,000, Group VIII = 5,640,000, Group IX = 5,875,000 and Group X = 6,110,000.

The tuition fee covers all student tuition fees each semester from the admission to graduation. The universities, faculties, and study programs are not allowed to charge other fees other than UKT to students.

In the second category, the tuition fee through SM UPI consists of registration fees, learning organization fees, facilities and academic quality development, as well as Institutional development fees. The following are the details of the tuition fee for SM UPI:

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