Creating the Accounting Education Study Program as an educational institution that has pioneering values and excellence on a national scale in the development of science and technology, as well as a profession in the field of accounting education in 2025


(1) Organizing education and teaching to produce graduates who master the educational foundation, and have competency in knowledge and technology in the fields of accounting, finance, and business; (2) Carrying out research and scientific publications related to the development of accounting teaching and the development of accounting science; (3) carrying out services to the community through community service activities to implement learning innovations in accounting at the secondary school level and society.


(1) Producing bachelors in accounting and finance education; (2) Producing graduates who are competent as professional educators in the fields of accounting and finance education; (3) Producing scientific work as a result of research in the field of accounting education to improve public welfare; (4) Producing works that can benefit the community as a form of institutional service to society.

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