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This study highlights institutional sustainability development of higher education in Indonesia that analyzes the seven main dimensions of sustainability in higher education: Curriculum, Research and Scholarship, Operation, Faculty and Staff Development and Rewards, Outreach and Service, Student Engagement, and Administration-Mission & Planning. This study specifically examined 146 higher education institutions (HEIs) based on Cluster 1, 2, and 3.  We collect the data using survey to 146 university administrators.  We utilized Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) to estimate the contribution of each dimension. We found that the sustainability of HEIs can be strongly reflected by Administration, Mission and Planning, and Faculty and Staff Development and Rewards.  Nevertheless, the Curriculum and Research & Scholarship were the weakest ones.

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JPAK : Jurnal Pendidikan Akuntansi dan Keuangan published by Program Studi Pendidikan Akuntansi Fakultas Pendidikan Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia with registered number e-ISSN 2656-3266 and p-ISSN 2337-408X (Print). It is published twice a year in Januari-Juni dan Juli-Desember.

The scopes of the topics include Accounting Science include : Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Sharia Accounting, Accounting Information Technology, Auditing, Professional Ethics, Accounting Education. Banking and Finance.

Jurnal Pendidikan Akuntansi dan Keuangan accepts manuscripts of either quantitative research, qualitative research, mix method research, and Research and Development (R&D) written in either Bahasa Indonesia or English.

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The1st International Conference on Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance (ICEBEF) is an international conference that brings together academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, learners, and other related groups from all around the world who have special interest in the theories, practices as well as praxis in the field of economics, business, entrepreneurship, finance, as well as education related to these particular fields, to present and share their works.

This conference provides opportunities for both the presenters and participants to exchange new ideas and experiences, establish research relations, and find global partners for future collaboration. 1st ICEBEF chooses “Digital Economy Society: Opportunity and Challenges” as its theme. Download Full Article :

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