Prof. Dr. H. Nugraha, SE., M.Si., Akt. CA. CPA

Accounting, Finance and Banking, Accounting Education, Management

NIP. 196612261990011002

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Dr. Hj. Meta Arief, M.Si

Teaching and Learning, Service Management, Marketing

NIP. 196402061988032008

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Drs. H. Ajang Mulyadi, MM

Accounting, Teaching and Learning, Financial Management

NIP. 196111021986031002

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Dr. H. Yayat Supriyatna, M.M


NIP. 196010151985031002

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Dr. Kurjono, M.Pd

Entrepreneurship, Accounting Education

NIP. 196810201998021003

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Dr. Heni Mulyani, S.Pd., M.Pd

Accounting, Teaching and Learning

NIP. 197707272001122001

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Dra. Heraeni Tanuatmodjo, M.M

Teaching and Learning, Accounting

NIP. 196201111989032001

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Dr. Asep Kurniawan, S.Pd., M.Pd

Accounting Education, Finance Education

NIP. 197703192001121001

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Drs. H. Faqih Samlawi, M.A

Teaching and Learning, Accounting

NIP. 196004081988031001

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Dr. Muhamad Arief Ramdhany, S.Pd., S.S., M.Pd

Accounting Education, Information System, Higher Education Management

NIP. 197111011999031001

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Leni Yuliyanti, S.Pd., M.M

Accounting Education, Financial Management

NIP. 197807242001122002

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Imas Purnamasari, S.Pd., M.M

Accounting Education, Financial Management, Banking

NIP. 197705122001122001

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Arvian Triantoro, S.Pd., M.Si

Accounting Education, Accounting Information System, Governmental Accounting

NIP. 198011122005011002

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Badria Muntashofi, S.Pd., M.Si

Accounting Education, Teaching and Learning

NIP. 198006282005012001

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Rd. Dian Hardiana, S.Pd., M.Si.,CTA., ACPA

Accounting Education, Governmental Accounting, Taxation

NIP. 198605022019031016

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Dr. Yana Setiawan, S.Pd., M.M

Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, Entrepreneurship

NIP. 198401082019031007

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Fitrina Kurniati, S.Pd., M.Ak

Governmental Accounting, Business and Entrepreneurship

NIPT. 920200819831229201

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Iqbal Lhutfi, S.E., M.Ak

Public Sector Accounting, Accounting Sustainability, Accounting Education

NIPT. 920200419910223010

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Rika Mardiani, S.E., M.Ak

Accounting , Taxation

NIPT. 920200419910415201

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Harpa Sugiharti, S.Pd., M.S.Ak

Public Sector Accounting
Financial Management

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